Hello, Alvi here!  

my name is Alvilde and I’m a Norwegian cinematographer living and working in London. I graduated in 2016 with an MA in cinematography from the National Film and Television School where I was trained by cinematographers such as Billy Williams OBE BSC, Brian Tufano BSC, Oliver Stapleton BSC, Nina Kellgren BSC and Stuart Harris amongst many. Since then I have shot narrative and experimental work both in the UK and Norway. My work has been featured in many film festivals, from BAFTA to Edinburgh International Film Festival, London Short Film Festival and Underwire. I’ve recently won awards for best cinematography at Underwire 2018 and VIWIFF 2019 for the short film The Egg and The Thieving Pie.

Currently shooting documentaries, shortfilms and musicvideoes while occationally camera operating and shooting 2nd unit on TV drama. Please feel free to get in touch!


alvilde.naterstad @ gmail.com



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